Arbitrage Technologies, LLC

Technology is the heartbeat of our business

"Off-Heap Trader" is one of the most innovative trading platteform yet built to handle the world of algorithmic trading. it' s just incredibly fast and allows C++ equivalent performances despite being built with a managed language: Java.

Java Native Access (JNA)
Objects creation provide a minimal footprint impact on the heap because they are allocated "Off-Heap". Garbage collection occurs then with a low memmory footprint and threads gets really real time.

Java Native Interface (JNI)
Allows high performance calculations for math & matrix computing using low-levels libraries that performs as fast as the C/Fortran interfaces with a pure JVM fallback.

Thread Affinity technology
Did you ever dream multi-threading without huge context switching costs? Our framework is so flexible, that you can affect a strategy to a specific core and only one.

Boosted concurrency
Off-Heap Trader is coded with a minimal locks. We preferred using barrier memory approach to grant thread safety, which result in minimal locking/waiting states.

Distributed Architecture
The framework works as client/server style and communicates with each strategies. Each strategies exist as a standalone & independant process with its own memory & thread pool. if one strategy get corrupted, it will never impact the others or the server.

Fast & Lightweight
No database software to weigh down the os speed but a proprietary binarized flat files format that reproduce classic RDBMS.

Big Data Ready
feeds & orders are recorded as soon as you start. You dont have to care about a 3rd party recording module or financial database. every ticks is backed in a compressed proprietary format. Replay an HFT strategy easily. Reload an intraday serie with no 'out of memmory exception' as every data comes from the off-heap....