Arbitrage Technologies, LLC

we are a prop trading company specialized in equity statistical arbitrage & market-making

what does a liquidity providers

A 'liquidity provider' add to the liquidity and depth of the market by taking a short or long position for a time, thus, assuming some risk in return for a chance of a profit.

He is profitable in both, rising or falling markets, by taking advantage of the differences between prices.

What we do

We exloit high probability price relationships between two or more securitites in a heavily computational and quantitative approach and combine it with a 'liquidity provider' trading style.

Our returns are independants of the equity market's overall trend.

Our approach

A financial exchange cannot be put simply in a quantitative equation, despite being the most advanced model. An exchange is a living entity, full of the mosts basic humans behaviours behind.

Thats why we adressed this challenge via a non parametric approach.

what we believe

Financials Markets are a zero sum game. Among all investments styles, we believe that participants who provide services to the markets, known as liquidity providers, are able to generate continuous and persistants returns, years after years.

Our background

Our company has been set up by highly experienced professionals coming from the worl of investment banks. The firm is privately held and seeded by its employees.


Our business

We concentrate our trading activities on the firsts equity exchanges of the planet: NYSE & NASDAQ. We deal to provide liquidity on mid liquid stocks which exxhibits high probability gains. As a market maker would do, we are rewarded for this service.